Could this be the worlds greatest cup of coffee?

the world's best coffee

If there is one thing that I may not be able to live without it’s a great cup of coffee. Image this….you wake up a little too early on the weekend stirred by your annoying dogs scratching or snoring. Then you stumble into the kitchen grab a fresh bag of beans, you tear open the seal and that intoxicating aroma smacks you back into the world of the living.

That wasn’t an imagined tale. That was a true re-enactment. And, thanks to my friend Stan Johnson, the coffee was there to save me. You see, Stan’s family along with the Hill family, have paired up to share some of Nicaragua’s amazing coffee with the rest of the world. The coffee is helping them support their “Desire to Serve” as they spread the word of the Lord to people and places of the world that have never had that blessing. Check out the video below where I discuss their mission a little more. But most importantly – please check them out on Facebook and Instagram to see their cause first hand!

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