I bought a Honda Grom

Buying a Honda Grom

Well, I went and did it. I bought a Honda Grom. After weeks of research and video surfing to find my son a Grom, I turned around and bought one for myself! The more I searched, the more I could understand why he wanted one, then that understanding turned into want. A want deep inside my gut telling me that this little machine could be an absolute blast. And that was even before I realized how easy and affordable they were to both buy and customize.

As luck would have it, I eventually found a virtually stock 2018 model with less than a thousand miles on Facebook Market Place (a dangerous and addictive place). But, and it’s a big one – Brandon (my oldest son) has now come to the realization that having a Grom as his only daily driver might not be the best of ideas considering the winter months are upon us (duh). But how could I just walk away? After all of those hours spent researching and dreaming of what we could do to the bike, and all those wheelies locked inside that tiny little 8 horsepower engine! I couldn’t. With some gentle coaxing, I convinced my wife to head out with me to meet up with the seller and see the Grom. After a quick ride around the parking lot the inevitable deal was done, and I rode away with title in hand. And what a fun ride it was. Screaming down the road full throttle with Michelle following close behind. Getting all the way up to a blistering 55 miles per hour. The whole ride home I was thinking of all the things I would do with this little white bombshell. I reminded me of Ralphie from the Christmas story daydreaming of his Red Rider BB gun with the compass in the stock.

Those dreams didn’t take long to start becoming reality. The very first weekend I wrapped the thing. Transitioning from an already beautiful pearl white, to a purple, yellow, and white race replica. I had always been a fan of the mid 90’s Honda CBR 600f3 Smokin Joe’s race replica bike. It was just like the one ridden by Miguel Duhamel on the Moto GP circuit. What a touch of irony it added to the bike. A race replica from a beastly GP bike onto an 8hp micro moto! I love it.

So what’s next. Well, first I’m continuing to teach Brandon to ride it. He has never ridden a motorcycle before, so this will be a less intimidating model to learn on vs some of the other bikes I’ve been involved with. Then the real fun begins. I’ve got a full list of mods to perform, none of which will cost too terribly much in total. The list includes handlebars, grips, quick throttle, frame sliders, new seat, new exhaust, different sprockets, sticky tires, flush signals, clutch springs, and probably much more. The best part is that you’ll be coming along for the journey! Both here on the blog and on my YouTube channel. Who knows, maybe we can even get together for a meetup ride at some point. In the meantime. But for now here are some pics both before and after the wrap! Be safe, enjoy!