V8 Hotel Böblingen Germany

If you are anything like myself you eat, sleep, and breathe anything with wheels that will take your cruising to the next adventure. How about filling the sleep component with sweet dreams in your very own bed crafted from a Martini Livery Porsche? The V8 hotel in  Böblingen Germany does just that and more! From the moment you pull into the property, you’ll be greeted by automotive decadence. Rare and exotic cars fill the lobby, including the bar and diner areas. Navigating further to your room, you’ll be greeted with a unique theme varying from a jeep, Cadillac, Mercedes, Porsche, or more. Most of which include a bed skillfully crafted from the front end of a unique car or truck. Once you’ve settled in you may decide to take part in the onsite Criminal Dinner, which consists of a 3-course meal as you solve a murderous crime. Or if you just can’t seem to get enough petrol through those veins, head offsite to the nearby MOTOR WORLD Region Stuttgart where you can tour the Mercedes or Porsche museums filled with priceless examples of automotive wonder. Or make your entire experience a package that includes dinner, breakfast, a 2-night stay, AND a premium vehicle rental that might include an AMG Mercedes or Porsche!!!!!

V8 Hotel Drive it Package
V8Hotel – Automobile Arrangements – Drive IT – 

The absolute only thing that could improve upon this hotel would be to move it stateside so that I could make it my home away from home!

Have you ever stayed at the V8 Hotel? I’d love to hear about it if you have. Drop me a line and let me know if you feel that this is a must do “Bucket List” opportunity!