Petersen Automotive Museum Offers Livestreamed Tours

Petersen Automotive Museum offers live-stream tours and educational activities

In light of all the Corona chaos invading all of our lives, the Petersen Automotive Museum is providing a bright spot for any true petrol-head. With its own doors closed to the public, the museum has made the decision to provide live-streamed tours and free educational activities. The tours are live events that allow for comments and questions. Tours require that you sign up ahead of time and donations are suggested. After signup, you will be sent a video conference link that will allow you to join. The museum houses well over 300 unique and significant vehicles of all types, organized into a number of different collections.

Along with the tours, Petersen is also offering multiple learning and educational activities that appropriate for multiple age groups. What a great way to stay entertained while living that quarantine life. On behalf of all gearheads everywhere, I’d just like to take a moment to say THANK YOU PETERSEN MUSEUM!

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